Mon, February 22, 1943

We left camp this morn at 6:30 on the march & marched up to our camp 12 miles in a driving rain. We were all soaked when we arrived at 11:00. One good thing they had hot coffee for us when we arrived. It took 2 hours to get enough wood to start a fire. They gave us the afternoon off. So I got caught up on my diary.


Tue, February 22, 1944

Left Braintree at 1:00 & was in London at 4:30. Eva went to her billet to take her clothes & I went to the Victory RC & got a room & met Eva at 5:00. We took in GI Hobby show & then went to see”For Whom the Bell Tolls.” It was was a swell pic. Took Eva home for she was on fire watch at 11:15. I had no more than left when the fire works started. Jerry was sure persistent & started lots of fires with incendiaries & bombs.  I helped fight two fires & recovered several dead incendiaries. I sure was tired when I got to bed at 2:30 in the morning. You could still see several red glows over London where the fires were still burning. Poor Eva I bet she had to work hard alright.

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