Wed, April 14, 1943

We started out on our march at 8:30. My shoulders were sun burned & my pack was rather a burden. We marched up to a mountain about 3 miles from here & then up the mountain. We then pitched our tents & tore them down & pitched again in a different place & camouflaged them. Bobbie & I  fixed us up a fox hole & covered it. We had two lectures & then marched home. We all took showers & then found out a message came thru & so we are restricted tonite. They are still decoding it & so I guess we will soon be on our way thank God. We are going to a show tonite all o ur unit & I have some work to do in the supply office for an hour or two so I better get to it. 


Fri, April 14, 1944

No entry.


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