Thu, April 15, 1943

Well we left here at 8:00 & marched to Venice Pier. There we halted after 6 miles & they took us into the indoor plunge & let us swim for a hour & 1/2 then we ate dinner on the beach. After lunch we sang several songs then went in again. We swam until 2:30 when the trucks came to take us back. We had a swell time & that warm salt water sure did us good. When we came back Lt. Edwards and I finished getting the records in shape. After supper the L.A. Sheriff office sent out 4 officers who gave an exhibition of shooting. They also used the Tommy Gun & Riesling Gun. Mary came out at 7:00 & we drove home & I stayed until 11:30 then back to camp. It looks like we will be here awhile. The waiting is murder. I’ve already died a thousand deaths.


Sat, April 15, 1944

No entry.


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