Wed, April 21, 1943

We got up early and went to mass at 8:00. There were 10 of us and Lt. Flinsky. After church we drilled for an hour then the morning was killed. After lunch we played 4 games of volley ball. After the game there was an alert on so we had to standby. The alert went off just before 5 and we went to eat, They had a picture on the lot tonite. Squadron Leader. It was a fair picture & I enjoyed it very much. Was in bed early for we are going to church again in the morning.


Fri, April 21, 1944

We moved from Bury St. Edmonds today & was sent to (Pinetree) High Wycombe to the 8th AAF Recon Group under leadership of Col. Elliot Roosevelt. We will reorganize here & then be sent out to a different field. We arrived here 4:00 in the afternoon.


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