Tue, April 27, 1943

Jusser, Zelinsky and I went over to sis’s this morning at 8:30 and finished washing our blankets. We had 25 of them & finished up at 10:15. We laid around and ate nuts for awhile & then sis called us to dinner. We had steaks, mac & cheese, pudding ,asparagus salad and gravy. We ate like hogs. At two o’clock Fat took us to the airport at Lockheed & at 4:30 we had our flight up. Jusser and I and Elliot went up together. I shot out of the nose & shot 4 dives at mountains & Mt. Wilson Observatory. They showed us the film tonite, Desert Victory. It was English made  & was pretty good. It shows us what to expect when we get there. It’s 9:20 now and I’ve had a busy day so to bed I go. 


Thu, April 27, 1944

Lynch & Gamble went on a test for glide bombs today to photograph it. They went to Molesworth & I sent for more food to Barney. Have myself a little kitchen fixed up now & am sleeping with Gene Harm in the supply room.


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