Wed, August 18, 1943

The Jerries sure played around last night, We had two raids but none hit here. They hit Chelmsford and Colchester. I finally got to sleep at 2:30 and the Capt. woke me at 4:30 & said your going out and are to be at briefing at 6:15. I laid awake until 5:00 then got up, dressed and ate. Into briefing and takeoff was at 8:30. Our target was Lille France Airdrome. We was over the target at 10:28 but it was the wrong airdrome. At this writing they are still trying to find which one it was. They got one brace of bombs on the dispersal area and all the rest were misses. And quite a few planes failed to drop theirs. We brought back 3 of ours. We run into plenty of flack and  really caught hell over Dunkirk. I photographed the batteries in action. Now we can go over and wipe them out. Ben’s plane got a tire shot out and almost made a crash landing. All petered out tonite. We are going to start on a sound pic of the briefing here tomorrow. We do not get our egg rations until next week. Just heard we hit the Armatress Drome. Oh well just another day. To bed for me.


Fri, August 18, 1944

No entry.


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