Sun, August 22, 1943

Started to set up this morn to finish pic. I had to do a little work on the camera head so we did not get set until after lunch. Just as we finished setting up & was ready they notified us that there was to be a briefing at 2:30. So we had to strike our camera & lights. Capt. Culver, Capt Wesley & Sgt. Mandelaro went on it. It was at Poix, France another air field. We are waiting for them to come back now as I write this. I’ll finish this after they return. Well they did not get across. The clouds had set in & the fighter support would not go. So back they came, The Jerries bombed Boxstead Field last nite. Knocking over 20 huts & killing & wounding plenty of our boys. 


Tue, August 22, 1944

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