Thu, December 17, 1942

Painted a backing for the Church here. It was the interior of the Jewish Synagogue. I worked on it about 6 hours after supper. I really surprised myself. It was a good job. The guard watching the building said boy that sure looks real.


Fri, December 17, 1943

Was up at 6:00 this morning and was on our way to Polebrook at 8:30 and was set up and ready to go at 10:10. We took three shots & then packed up, had dinner and at 1:30 left for Elveden Hall. Arrived here at 5:00 and moved into our barracks, had supper and went to see Betty Grable in “Coney Island.” We have a very nice barracks here & it’s only 10 miles to my post. I’m going to call them tomorrow & see if I have any late mail. Going to write Mary a letter then hit the hay. Have to start in early tomorrow.


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