Sat, December 19, 1942

Well I finished the work for the church today & then went over to the church at 8:00 for rehearsals. They had a dance called White Christmas & 330 girls called Military Maids came out to dance with the boys. I had a very good time and missed only one dance. They finished at 12:00 and I was tired.


Sun, December 19, 1943

The Lt. woke me at 9:30 this morning to help get the generator out of the mud. After I had finished this job I ate and took the courier to Bury at 12:00. Was in Bury at 12:30 and Bobbie came over to the Message Center and picked me up. I had quite a time visiting and in the evening Cal Randolph took two pictures of me, 8×10 in flying clothes and dress uniform. I retired at 10:30 but the boys were alerted and I was up all night with them. They went to Bremen, GER, and about 4:00 I fell asleep.


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