Wed, December 2, 1942

Well it turned out as usual. We went to finance office, orders were made out wrong & we had to come back. Killed the whole day & my pass was no good. I went home tonite & took the radio I have had for a month to fix home. It needed a tube. Bid everybody goodbye. Mary got me a carton of Camels.


Thu, December 2, 1943

Was up at 7:15 and on the set at 8:00. We shot in the briefing room all day long. The afternoon was taken up with interrogation shots. Finished at 5:30 and had to go back after supper & set up in the locker room. We go in there in the morning. One of our drivers had an accident this evening. He ran into or rather the soldier ran into him with a bicycle. The lad never got up & they took him to the hospital. Haven’t as yet found out how he is. Been sweating out my mail & pay now. Don’t know how we will be able to get our mail & pay. They had better get it figured out soon.

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