Tue, December 22, 1942

He couldn’t get the trees so I took a truck and went out to the bombing range & got a load of pine branches & brought them back & decorated the alter for the Catholic chaplain. It took about 4 hours. It looked swell when we finished. The father was well pleased.


Wed, December 22, 1943

We were up early today & Lt. Perieck came in & told us he was turning us over to the Post Commander here to work over the holidays. He called me outside & said that he could fix it up for Frank and I to go to Bury over Xmas but I told him him I thought it was a dirty trick to do to the men after they had worked so hard for the unit & if they couldn’t go I didn’t want to. He got sore about it but I meant it. I’ll tell the Col too my feelings when he returns. We reported to the Capt & we had to lug big tables & furniture, and stoves & brick all day. Boy what a reaming we got. We were sure pissed off when he came in. I made another glass ring for a friend of mine and then went to the show but it was a stinker & we left & went & had a snack at the club then turned in. I feel like hell. Got a cold & am so stiff I can hardly walk.


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