Sun, December 27, 1942

Worked all day today and up until 9:30 tonite. I got word from home today & was informed that I was made a corporal. I haven’t heard from the post yet as to it but it must be so.


Mon, December 27, 1943

Left Elveden Hall at 8:00 this morn & was ready to shoot at 10:00 but could not get the cast until after lunch. After lunch I went over to the combat hospital to have the doc look me over. He said I had a very bad prostate & is sending me over to the base hospital to get examined tomorrow at 1:00. Said they were sure enlarged. On the way back tonite we got lost & we left at 5:15 and had 18 miles to go and arrived here at 8:30. We got cold grub at Honington. Got all my stuff packed to take to Bury St. Edmunds to store while I am in the hospital.


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