Fri, December 4, 1942

Left the post for the depot at 7:00. We were given 15 min to eat & at 8:30 was in the train. At 9:00 we were pulling out for Shreveport, LA. Freddie West & I played gin rummy for 8 hours & when we quit there was only 3¢ difference in our score. I was lucky & drew an upper berth that way I get to sleep by myself. Stopped 20 min in Yuma, AZ & mailed Mary a card.


Sat, December 4, 1943

Was on the set at 8:00 this morning and shot 2 shots in Group Operations room. Then one in the War room. Ate dinner & moved to the Nesson Hut of the officers & shot 2 shots there. Loaded our equipment & ate and after supper set up in the mess hall to be ready for in the morning. Heard today I’m getting my mail & pay tomorrow by courier. Hurrah. Was very cold today & it’s still muddy as hell here. Finished work at 7:45 and am going to hit the hay early tonite.

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