Sat, December 5, 1942

Slept until 9:30 today then Freddie & I started our Gin Rummy game again. We played until we were just outside of El Paso & I lost a steak dinner for getting low score. We arrived at El Paso at 3:15 and had to stay over until 9:15. Freddie & I & Bobbie O. & Sgt Roth & Sgt Rosen went to Juarez, Mex. Had a swell time but got good & tight on Mexican whiskey. Didn’t leave El Paso until 2:30.  


Sun, December 5, 1943

Was on the set at 8:00 this morning & we set up & shot 2 takes in the Combat Mess. We then ate & moved to a Nisson Hut of gunners & shot 4 takes there. It was 4:00 when we had finished & we were given passes until Tue at noon. They brought a big bag of mail up from London & I had just exactly none. I wanted to drive over Bury St. Edmund & get my mail if I had any & get my pay but all the officers had scrambled to London. I was so pissed off that I didn’t even take my pass. If I don’t get any mail soon I’ll go crazy and I’m afraid now I’ll do something serious before long. I can’t stand seeing other men open up Xmas pkgs & get their mail & day after day do without. If I ever go on the screwy side it wont be from the war. Just a letter. Saw a show tonite but was too far in the dumps to enjoy it. Am going to bed early.


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