Mon, December 7, 1942

We left Fort Worth at 8:30 and done nothing much on the train but lay around. We arrived here at 4:00 & was settled in our barracks by 5. We were detached to the 476th Bomb Squadron. The barracks are stone & are sure nice. Steam heat & the food is swell. We took a gander around the post tonite & then went over & had two beers & then back to bed. Have to unload the car tomorrow so need lots of rest.


Tue, December 7, 1943

Did not get up for breakfast and by the time I got up & washed McGovern & Sgt. Feldburn came up with Frank’s & mine pay. I was red lined & over the Govt $20 out of pay. They sent my wife $122.00 out of my pay. They only brought 3 letters & they were all English & none from home.  Guess I’ll I’ll just have to sweat it out. We had until 4:00 off & I got my rations & allowance pay for while in London. We set up outside the mess hall & then ate. We had several scenes after supper & I had to be in two of them. We finished around midnite & got in bed at 2:00. I could not sleep did not go to sleep until 5:30 in the morning.

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