Wed, December 9, 1942

We we didn’t do much only get prepared for shooting tomorrow. The Camel Caravan show came here tonite & the field took it in, that is, 3000 of them. It was a swell show & they gave us 3 cigarettes each.


Thu, December 9, 1943

Up at 7:15 this morning and ate & then packed up our own equipment at 9:30. We loaded up our trucks & by dinner was finished. After lunch we left Grafton Underwood & drove over to Kimbolton. We got our billets & unloaded our bags & by supper time was all settled. It’s a little better here, we’re closer to things, but there is just as much mud. Am going to write several letters tonite & then turn in. I still am sweating out some mail from home. Oh well maybe I’ll hit the jackpot soon.

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  1. Ron O'Neal

    Camel Caravan was a musical variety radio program, sponsored by Camel cigarettes, that aired on NBC Radio and CBS Radio from 1933 to 1954. Various vocalists, musicians and comedy acts were heard during the 21 years this show was on the air, including such talents as Benny Goodman, Georgia Gibbs, Anita O’Day and Vaughn Monroe.

  2. Ron O'Neal

    Planned for RAF use, Kimbolton airfield was built by W and C French Ltd. in 1941. The airfield was increased in size to accommodate a full US heavy Bomb Group, and the first such unit to us it was the 91st Bomb Group, who arrived in September 1942. They quickly switched to Bassingbourn, and for a time the B-26s of the 17th Bomb Group occupied the base. Kimbolton is most associated with the 379th Bomb Group, who were resident at the airfield from late 1942. The 379th was one of the most successful of all of the Eighth’s Bomb Groups. The airfield was handed back to the RAF at the end of the war, and was eventually sold off in the early 1960s.

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