Thu, February 18, 1943

I had to instruct two recruits on the use of a rifle on the range and how to handle their piece. This afternoon I was given instruction on how to set up & take down an Ackley camera.


Fri, February 18, 1944

Went to the show again this afternoon & saw the “Trunk Mystery.” In the eve we went to play darts & had a swell time. I was the first yank in these people’s place and they took a shine to me. There two boys asked a million questions about the Air Force. Both want the war to last so they can be pilots. Eva finished her work on the scarf & has to sew it up now. We invited the people back to play rummy Monday nite. Went home at 10:00 & had tea & cakes & went to bed. Eva had walked down town that morning and her & her mother had bought me a couple of pair of socks & used coupons at that. They had them in my pajamas when I went to bed with a card. What swell people.

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