Sun, February 21, 1943

Spent the day home & went to church at 11:00. After church we all went out out & had Chop Suey. Played with the kids the rest of the day. Have to get up at 5:00. It’s rainy all day.


Mon, February 21, 1944

Left for Braintree at 8:30 & was in there at 11:00. I saw Eva from the bus window doing some shopping so I got off & finished with her & walked home with her. She had made two hankies to go with my scarf & finished her scarf & Mrs. W. had knitted me a pair of bed room slippers all while I was gone. She had a nice dinner and another pie and that eve for tea I had about 8 hot cakes with jam & honey & butter. All day I drank milk. I weighed while I was in London and I weighed 10 stone, 140#. I sure put on the weight while I have been here. The neighbors came & all of us played rummy until 10:00 then had tea & cake & turned in. Boy I’m sure going to hate to leave here & Mrs. Wiseman & all are also going around with long faces. I took 2 rolls of 16 mm of their place & a snow storm & vapor trails.


Wed, February 21, 1945

Reported to the AAF Red Station for reassignment at Santa Monica, Calif.

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