Mon, January 11, 1943

I found out we have a new boss in the paint shop. My friend Schindler is out now & I do not know whether I’ll get along with the new one or not (I think not). Well we signed in today & then waited until about 10:30 & then went down & unloaded the box car of our equipment. We finished at 3:00 & then I asked for 3 days off. They gave me 2. So I brought mother’s & Ronnie’s present home. Ronnie a sail boat & mother a Chenille house coat.

Tue, January 11, 1944

Geo. Raft came into visit our ward today & I had quite a talk with him. He remembered me from Warner’s. He signed my Short Snorter Bill & shook hands & we had our picture taken. Everybody in the ward thought I was King after that.


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