Tue, January 12, 1943

Spent the whole day home. Lazed around the house, cooked ham for supper & then walked to town to meet mother at 5:00 went to see about our C card for gas got the form to fill out. Built log houses with Ronnie after supper. Going to bed early.


Wed, January 12, 1944

Was released today at 1:00 and came back with Jean & Feldbaum. They came over to see Bart who had two of his fingers shot off on a mission to Brunswick, Germany. He was in the hospital & came near dying when his lungs collapsed after giving him a spinal. He sure looked bad this morning. Sgt. Dave Barker was missing in action on the same raid. What a scene to come back to. Capt. said to forget about the DS I was in & rest up here.


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