Fri, January 15, 1943

No entry.


Sat, January 15, 1944

Caught the 6:45 out of London for Southport & came via Liverpool. Arrived here at 3:15. It’s a good thing the Gov furnished 1st class passage or I would of had to stand up most of the way. I rather enjoyed my trip for going 1st class , threw me in contact with British officers & I learned a lot about England. The Red Cross where I am staying is a large hotel & in peace time was exclusively used for the wealthy. I don’t like it too well for it’s a far cry of a rest home. Boy there must be 1000 GI’s here, They had a big dance tonite. I danced a few but was tired so bathed & went to bed.


Mon, January 15, 1945

Was sent to Santa Ana to convalesce.


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