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Tue, January 11, 1944

Geo. Raft came into visit our ward today & I had quite a talk with him. He remembered me from Warner’s. He signed my Short Snorter Bill & shook hands & we had our picture taken. Everybody in the ward thought I was King after that.


Wed, January 12, 1944

Was released today at 1:00 and came back with Jean & Feldbaum. They came over to see Bart who had two of his fingers shot off on a mission to Brunswick, Germany. He was in the hospital & came near dying when his lungs collapsed after giving him a spinal. He sure looked bad this morning. Sgt. Dave Barker was missing in action on the same raid. What a scene to come back to. Capt. said to forget about the DS I was in & rest up here.


Thu, January 13, 1944

I weighed this morning and lost 12# in the hospital. Capt. Culver told me he was going to send me to the rest home for a week. He’s got it all assigned and I’ll probably leave Sat or Sunday. Went out this morning & asst Capt. on the Ackley shooting, a badly damaged Fort that came back from the raid at Brunswick. Boy, what a wreck.


Fri, January 14, 1944

(Happy Birthday), Rosemary, it’s all I could (give).

My orders were cut today for the rest home & I was supposed to leave the field at 8:30 but everybody over slept so I did not get away until 10:00. Arrived in London at 2:00 & then checked in at the Red Cross there & went out to Kingston to see some friends. My train leaves at 6:45 tomorrow morning. I could not get a room at the RC at London for I was on orders, so I left my bags & when I got to Kingston I found a room at Surbiton. I went out & paid 10 s for it but when I went back at midnite the hotel was locked & I couldn’t get in so I had to walk 3 miles, catch an early morn train to London. Arrived at RC there at 3:30 & slept in a chair until six. Some day.


Sat, January 15, 1944

Caught the 6:45 out of London for Southport & came via Liverpool. Arrived here at 3:15. It’s a good thing the Gov furnished 1st class passage or I would of had to stand up most of the way. I rather enjoyed my trip for going 1st class , threw me in contact with British officers & I learned a lot about England. The Red Cross where I am staying is a large hotel & in peace time was exclusively used for the wealthy. I don’t like it too well for it’s a far cry of a rest home. Boy there must be 1000 GI’s here, They had a big dance tonite. I danced a few but was tired so bathed & went to bed.


Sun, January 16, 1944

Was going to church this morning but slept too late. The other boy from my field was in bed when I came in. He is about all nerves. In fact, I thought I was bad but he’s worse than I. We had breakfast together & then walked up town. It was cold & foggy out so we did not stay long. Came back at 1:00, ate dinner, then after writing some letters we came up and took a nap. They had a dinner dance here today from 5 to 10. I dropped in after 6:30 and had a fair time. Danced most of my dances with a Ministry of Labor girl, Stephi. She was rather entertaining in her talk & I found out lots about the English mannerisms. Her name is Dons & she plans on going to Calif with Dad & Mother after the war.


Mon, January 17, 1944

Slept until 9:30 this morning. It was dark & rainy out when we got up. Ate breakfast & lounged around until 12:30, ate dinner. Then the Sgt. Gunner that shares my room and I went up town to the show. Saw Warner’s “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. After the show took a stroll around town & then back to the club. Ate supper at 6:30 then wrote letters & read until 10:30 & then to bed. Some day. I’m going nuts slowly here. Think I’ll leave Thursday & finish out in London.


Tue, January 18, 1944

Slept until almost 10:00 today. Had a good nights rest for once. Ate breakfast and wrote some letters. After dinner went to the show and saw “By Hook or Crook”, walked back to the club, ate & had my pants pressed & taken up on the legs. At 8:00 walked up town and wound up at the Cambridge Hall at the dance. Had a very good time & had a hell of good time finding my way back in the black out. Had a snack & was in bed at midnite. It’s still foggy and rainy out.


Wed, January 19, 1944

Slept late today and in the afternoon my room mate and I went to the show & saw Abbot & Costello in “In the Navy.” Came back to the club & ate. It rained most of the afternoon & we walked back in a light drizzle. After dinner at 8:00 they had a dance in the ball room & I went down. Found a girl that danced to my liking & danced with her the evening out or rather 11:00. She was a steno in a Ministry of Labor office & had been evacuated from London. She told me lots about England & her customs. Really enjoyed it. Was in bed at 12:00.


Thu, January 20, 1944

Was going to catch the 8:15 back to London this morning but was too tired. So I took the 10:45 instead. It was late getting in London & never arrived there until 5:00. I met a pilot & his ball turret gunner on the train in fact they had been staying the same place I had. We rode up town together & could not get a room any place. Even the RC Clubs were full. It took me 45 min to check my bags. London is sure crowded with troops having a few days fun. Finally found a place at 10:00 to stay but had to pay 10S2D, which is about 2:50 in our money, to sleep on a mattress on the floor. We had a couple of beers together and then turned in. Boy was I tired out lugging that bag all over the tube stations & London.


Fri, January 21, 1944

Did not sleep very well last night, had a pain in my left chest. Called up Eva this morning & am going to take her to dinner & the show tonite. Spent the morning getting my bags over to the Moyston (Service) Club where I got a bed this morning. After lunch I went out to see Fred West at Wide Wing. Rode out in Govt Bus. Fred was out working with my outfit so I did not get to see him. I had dinner there and visited with the boys of Fred’s outfit and saw Ben Rosenblatt who used to be with our unit. He has a good job now & likes it. I took the train back from there and after cleaning up & shaving went over to St. Margaret’s Castle where Eva works & met her at 5:30. We went to the Corner House for dinner & I wasn’t hungry so had a couple of drinks while Eva ate. Then we took in a show at 8:30, the alert sounded & boy did the ack ack guns set up a howl & you thought the bombs were going to fall right on the theater. No one left though, a thing that I always admired about these English people. I kept getting the pain more now in my chest & after taking Eva home got as far as the middle of the tube station at Marble Arch & had the MP’s call me a car to take me to the doc. He examined me and sent me to the 16 sta hospital in London. Said I had acute pleurisy.


Sat, January 22, 1944

I arrived here at the hospital at 2:00 am and the doc taped me up so I could breathe & gave me a sleeping pill. It didn’t do much good & at 6:00 they had to put me under oxygen. At 1:00 in the afternoon they took me in an ambulance to the 151 hospital and said I had pneumonia in my left lung & said I was a pretty sick boy. Along about 8:00 that nite I could breathe better so they put me to sleep & I had a good nites sleep.


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Went up today to have another x-ray taken of my lungs. If they show OK I’ll soon be going back to the unit. Had a fellow bed partner call up to have my mail sent up. Haven’t had any mail since Dec 26th.


Sat, January 29, 1944

Doc came around this morning and said I had gotten the spots off my lungs and all I needed now was to rest & I’d soon be well again. Hope so. Boy am I skinny.


Sun, January 30, 1944

They had a big air raid last nite and the guns & bombs from London could be heard here & what a noise they set up. The ward here rocked for almost an hour. The alert lasted 2 hours. The doc when he made his rounds said I could get out tomorrow. So I feel a little better today. Hope my mail I had forwarded gets here in time. Doc called into the ward today & said I was not going out tomorrow. Went to the show tonite but the electricity was off & so after waiting for them to fix it for 2 hours came back & hit the sack. Can’t figure out why they are keeping me.


Mon, January 31, 1944

Doc told me this morning that his chief said I was not to be released for a while but was to rest up a little longer. Waited for the mail man but no mail today. Was put on detail today sweeping & mopping out the ward. Went to the show tonite and had a fun time. Was in bed early.


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