Wed, January 20, 1943

No entry.


Thu, January 20, 1944

Was going to catch the 8:15 back to London this morning but was too tired. So I took the 10:45 instead. It was late getting in London & never arrived there until 5:00. I met a pilot & his ball turret gunner on the train in fact they had been staying the same place I had. We rode up town together & could not get a room any place. Even the RC Clubs were full. It took me 45 min to check my bags. London is sure crowded with troops having a few days fun. Finally found a place at 10:00 to stay but had to pay 10S2D, which is about 2:50 in our money, to sleep on a mattress on the floor. We had a couple of beers together and then turned in. Boy was I tired out lugging that bag all over the tube stations & London.


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