Thu, January 21, 1943

No entry.


Fri, January 21, 1944

Did not sleep very well last night, had a pain in my left chest. Called up Eva this morning & am going to take her to dinner & the show tonite. Spent the morning getting my bags over to the Moyston (Service) Club where I got a bed this morning. After lunch I went out to see Fred West at Wide Wing. Rode out in Govt Bus. Fred was out working with my outfit so I did not get to see him. I had dinner there and visited with the boys of Fred’s outfit and saw Ben Rosenblatt who used to be with our unit. He has a good job now & likes it. I took the train back from there and after cleaning up & shaving went over to St. Margaret’s Castle where Eva works & met her at 5:30. We went to the Corner House for dinner & I wasn’t hungry so had a couple of drinks while Eva ate. Then we took in a show at 8:30, the alert sounded & boy did the ack ack guns set up a howl & you thought the bombs were going to fall right on the theater. No one left though, a thing that I always admired about these English people. I kept getting the pain more now in my chest & after taking Eva home got as far as the middle of the tube station at Marble Arch & had the MP’s call me a car to take me to the doc. He examined me and sent me to the 16 sta hospital in London. Said I had acute pleurisy.


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