Sun, July 11, 1943

Drove into London today with the Lt. on business. We had to pick up a lot of equipment we were short. Arrived there at 11:45 and left at 7:30. Saw a show at HQ (Lucky Guy) while we were waiting. Picked up the mail but still none for me. I guess I am fighting this war alone. I can take it tho. Coming back we saw were the bomb hit Fri night in Chelmsford. The invasion of Italy is coming off OK so far. We will soon do our bit by opening another front. Where? My guess is France.


Tue, July 11, 1944

Had a lot of excitement here today. A P-51 & a B-24 collided at 20,000 ft. over the field today & we were just getting ready to take off for our other field and we saw a fellow coming down in a parachute & pieces of aluminum were falling all around. The crew chief picked up a piece & you could see it was a plane & the piece was all burned like by an explosion. Then we saw 3 others coming down out of the overcast. We took off and flew over the wreckage. It hit about 2 miles from the field. The fuselage had one motor on yet but the others were scattered & burned in the ground all around. All but the pilots of both machines got out alive. We are still standing by on our alert but the weather has been bad & it has been raining now for three days.


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