Fri, July 2, 1943

We are supposed to get our wings this afternoon. Hussy & I fixed up the flag & the stand. We are also supposed to have our party tonite. Beer, whiskey & eats. It’s our squadron fund & as we are splitting up we are spending it. We had our wings pinned on us at 5:00 & then all of us , officers and all, went into the day room & started in. We had a big tray of sandwiches & radishes, pickles, onions, & cheese, 6 qts of scotch & a case of beer. Did I get stinko. Lt. Hynes, Bart, & Bobbie & 2 other boys went to Kingston to the RC dance & I did not even know I was there until 10:30 when I came to dancing with an ATS girl. Boy what a party. Got home at 12:00 and hit the sack.


Sun, July 2, 1944

No entry.


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