Sun, June 22, 1943

No entry.


Tue, June 22, 1944

Was up at 6 ate & then packed our cameras & left again to photograph some targets up near Cherbourg. We turned off the main highway & drove down toward the ocean. It was a road that was little used & I didn’t like the looks of it for I was scared stiff of mines. About a mile from the main road was a cluster of about six houses & on the other side of the road a bombed out farm house. The houses had had a couple of direct hits too. We had to go slow as a large pile of rubble was piled up in the center of the roadway. Right on top of the rubble a shot rang out from the upper floor of the house at the far end of the cluster. We had only automatics with us but I had picked up 3 American hand grenades & they were in the jeep. The shot just missed the Col. the second broke the windshield. We all jumped at the first shot & as I did I grabbed a couple of grenades. The Col. had killed the motor on jumping out & Capt. Isear started shooting at the window & the Col. joined in. I took cover behind the pile of debris & crawled around behind the house close to the road then behind the next house & as luck would have it a window was blown out of the upper floor of the house where the sniper was at. He was still trying to hit the two officers & I said a prayer


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