Wed, March 1, 1944

The boys went to France today to the Palis Calais area to bomb. Sacks and Capt. Culver. Lt. Barthlomew & Lt. McCarthy. The trip was a milk run as far as fighters go but Bart & Sacks each had a slit in their flack helmet where flack had hit them. It was a good thing they had them on or they would be goners. Went to the show tonite. It wasn’t very good but it helped kill time.


Thu March 2, 1944

No entry.

Fri Mar 3, 1944

Today was quite a thing in our unit. Gene Harm and Lynch were up to go on a raid on Berlin, Ger. The weather was so bad that they had to turn and come back. I was up with them and saw Jean to the plane. They left at 7:30 and was back at 4:15. Gene and I went into town of Bury St. Edmond to celebrate my birthday. Couldn’t find anything but beer to drink so we took in the dance. I danced about three dances & then we cam back was in by 11:00.


Sat, March 4, 1944

The boys started out for Berlin, Ger again this morning. Gamble, Beckey, Kurjack, Sacks. They got as far as the Ruhr Valley & turned around & came back. The clouds were 25,000 feet high & one group did go in and bomb at 30,000. Beckey aborted & 3 engines were burning & they about had to bail out & ditch & finally crash landed in South England. The fire was put out in landing & no one was hurt. It was quite an experience for Beckey. He kicked out the noise door & it hung up on his foot & it took 3 to pull him back into the plane & release the door. Went to the show but it was so bad had to get up and go out. Was in bed by 11:30.


Sun, Mar 5, 1944

Worked all day today taking inventory of the Supply room. I am going to take over supply again. I finished up about 7:30 and wrote a letter home & then Gene & I went to have a few beers & went to the show. The show was good but something happened to the sound.


Mon, March 6, 1944

Black Monday

Well got up at 3:00 this morning and ate at 3:30 & was in briefing at 4:00. The target was Berlin. We took off at 8:00 and was over the target around noon. Boy it was sure rough & fighters were everywhere. Under, over, and sideways. We dropped our bombs & as we turned I saw several Forts of the last formation going down. The flack was almost solid. We lost one plane from our field and had several wounded & one plane shot up pretty bad. We got back at 4:30 and was I wore out. I got some pretty good film & at least I had my wish of hitting Berlin. I had a letter from Mary when I got back & a birthday card from Mrs. Lynch. No birthday cards from my family yet or a greeting. I can’t figure what’s wrong with them. The rocket guns & flack guns just as our bombs was away came up & it looked they were going to get us but went on thru the formation. Our bombs dropped exactly where they had fired from. Boy what damage. Fires & smoke everywhere.

Tue, March 7, 1944

There was a mission for this morning but was cancelled at briefing. Found out today we lost 68 (note: actually 69 were lost) of our planes yesterday. I still am not completely over with it. I am still shaking inside & can’t seem to stop & all noise makes me jump. I finished up in supply today with the inventory. Wrote four letters tonite & am going to bed early. I’m all pooped out. Am going to get paid tomorrow for four months. I’ll cable most of it home. Well no mail today.


Wed, March 8, 1944

Got up at 4:00 this morning to help get the boys off on a mission. Gene and Randolph were going up. They took off for Berlin again at 8:30. About two hours later Randolph aborted.  Gene went on in tho & came back at 5:30 said it was a milk run. I got my pay straightened out today & drew 68 on 272.00. I owed 40.00 of it & loaned 80.00 out & am going to wire or put the rest in the bank. Boy I’m going to bed early tonite only had 4 hours sleep since yesterday. No mail from home today.


Thu, March 9, 1944

Diary turned in

Fri, March 10, 1944

Left for London at noon today to go on pass & take the film in. Bobbie drove the truck and Gene & I went with him. Arrived in London at 4:30 and that eve I took Eva to the show. Saw a swell show & had Eva in by 10:30 & was in bed by 11:30.


Sat, March 11, 1944

Up late & met Gene at 2:30 and we got us a qt of Scothch & then got the tube for Surbiton. Went to some friends there and that evening took in the pub & when the pub closed got a qt of brandy & went to the peoples house. Mr. & Mrs. Coxon at 8 Cresent Hill was where we stayed. We drank and talked until 4:00.


Sun, March 12, 1944

Was up at 11:00 had breakfast & at 12 went to the pub with Gene & Mr. Coxson. We stayed there until it closed at 2:30 then went home and had a lovely dinner. It was my birthday party & they were sure swell. At 6:00 I left and went to London & took Eva to the show saw “His Butler’s Sister”. It was a riot & after the show went to the Corner House & ate. Had Eva in by 10:30 & then went to the Red Cross & went to bed. Have to go back in the morning.


Mon, March 13, 1944

Was up at 7:00 & ate & was at the train at 8:00 at 8:16 it pulled out and Gene just made it. He had overslept & he was sure lucky to make it on time. Was back at Bury at 12:00 & came back to the field by taxi. We ate & then after lunch we hit the sack & boy did we sleep. I wrote letters tonite & was in bed early.


Wed, March 15, 1944

Was called early this morning. There was a a raid to Brunswick & Lt. Bart and Geo Howell were up. I put Lt. Bart on and then hit the sack. It was 3 when I got up & 7:30 when I went back to bed. I slept till lunch & then after lunch worked on the supply records until it was time for Lt. to come back at 2:30. I made a trip to Bury after a nurse for one of the Lt.’s & then it was chow & we were alerted so we all hit the sack early.


Thu, March 16, 1944

Was awoken at 1:30 this morning. Lynch & Mandelais were up & had to get them ready to go to another field. Each was flying from a different field. Had them on their way at 2:45 & Gamble & I sat around until 3 then wen to chow. Had two fresh eggs & then back to the sack. The boys went to Munster & according to them it was very rough. I worked on supply records all afternoon after sleeping until 11:30. Wrote 5 letters tonite. Got one from Bert & Kelly. We are alerted for tomorrow so hitting the bed early.

Fri, March 17, 1944

Diary turned in.


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