Thu, Mar 4, 1943

The boys left for the rifle range this morning. I had to stay behind to work. I’ll go later. Bobbie O’Neal was the third highest man and I hope to be the first when I go. We have to keep the O’Neals out in front. He scored 141 out of 200. It was the first time to have a rifle in his hand.


Sat, March 4, 1944

The boys started out for Berlin, Ger again this morning. Gamble, Beckey, Kurjack, Sacks. They got as far as the Ruhr Valley & turned around & came back. The clouds were 25,000 feet high & one group did go in and bomb at 30,000. Beckey aborted & 3 engines were burning & they about had to bail out & ditch & finally crash landed in South England. The fire was put out in landing & no one was hurt. It was quite an experience for Beckey. He kicked out the noise door & it hung up on his foot & it took 3 to pull him back into the plane & release the door. Went to the show but it was so bad had to get up and go out. Was in bed by 11:30.


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