Mon, March 8, 1943

Went to Sawtell to get my teeth looked after was there until 3:00 and have to go back tomorrow. Went to the show at Culver City & left in the middle of the second. It sure smelled. Was in bed early.


Wed, March 8, 1944

Got up at 4:00 this morning to help get the boys off on a mission. Gene and Randolph were going up. They took off for Berlin again at 8:30. About two hours later Randolph aborted.  Gene went on in tho & came back at 5:30 said it was a milk run. I got my pay straightened out today & drew 68 on 272.00. I owed 40.00 of it & loaned 80.00 out & am going to wire or put the rest in the bank. Boy I’m going to bed early tonite only had 4 hours sleep since yesterday. No mail from home today.


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