Wed, May 12, 1943

Up at 6 after a good nights sleep. My neck still bothers me quite a bit but I’ll not take any chances of letting them look at it. They might keep me here. We made out our bond allotment. I took one a month. In the afternoon at 1:00 we went to gas drill & went thru the chamber. What a trip everybody was crying from the tear gas. It rained all the way back from the chamber & was we wet. We had bunk fatigue until mess call. Our barracks bags haven’t come in yet & no dry clothes. Had a few beers after mess & took in the show. It was a good one, The Human Comedy. A bunch of the boys came in last nite off the Queen Mary. The one Churchill came to the U.S. on. They have been clear around globe. Gunnery for anti-aircraft guns. There here to rest. They are unloading there equipment now and I can’t sleep. It’s 11:30 so I’ll write this then turn in for the nite


Fri, May 12, 1944

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