Fri, May 14, 1943

Up at 6:15 and as usual roll at 7:00. After breakfast we drilled and cleaned up our barracks. After lunch we had another lecture on gas & its use and then after the lecture we made our packs for our field bag, tent, blanket, & protective clothing went in the roll. After that we had an hours drill then rifle inspection. That concluded our day. All the PFC have to go on KP tomorrow and are they hot. Geo Barthelmew, Cpl. Wood Becker, Cpl. Zusser and I went to Sid Rosenblatz & had a swell dinner. Her people treated us fine. After dinner we had a few drinks and then had a song fest. We had to be in camp at 1:00 but we had a very nice time. It was good just to get into a home. Although it made me a little homesick.


Sun, May 14, 1944

Started loading trucks this morning & should leave here at 10:00 in the morning. Have 12 trucks to load & we have given all our ground equipment to the 3rd and took all their air equipment. Sure got rid of a bunch of stuff. We are all anxious to get back into the air.


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