Sat, May 13, 1944

Started getting ready to leave here for we have to move to Walton where the field of the 8th RCN Weather Squadron  is at & will work from there. Had most of the stuff packed by midnight & will finish in the morning.


Sun, May 14, 1944

Started loading trucks this morning & should leave here at 10:00 in the morning. Have 12 trucks to load & we have given all our ground equipment to the 3rd and took all their air equipment. Sure got rid of a bunch of stuff. We are all anxious to get back into the air.


Mon, May 15, 1944

Hope my wife gets her card today. It wasn’t the best in the world but it was all I could find in this country. Am going to look around for a present for her from this country in order for her to remember my being here on her birthday. Hope she misses me as much as I miss her. We left Pinetree at 10:30 & the trucks followed us. Bart, Mac, Gene, Fieldnoun, & I went on the Recon & went ahead of the boys. Stopped at New Mark & had dinner & arrived here at Walton at 2:30. It’s a permanent RAF base & sure looks good. Hope we like it here for I have an I have an idea we will be here for awhile.


Tue, May 16, 1944

We are all settled in our building & we have a 2 story home, two of them,  & each two men have a room with a fire place, it’s sure swell & Gene & I have ours fixed up swell already. Started unloading our trucks this morning & by night had some semblance of order. Was sure tired.


Wed, May 17, 1944

This should have been May 10th.

Transferred Sahs, Deardon, Stuttifind, Fullerton out of the unit today. They were sure hot about it but they had not been of any good to the unit since they came in & so they had to go. No one that cannot fly will be kept in the unit. We might yet have a good outfit. They seem to be pretty good Joe’s .

Wed, May 31, 1944

Herb Jenkins was killed in action today in a raid over France. A flack burst outside the window tore his top skull off & it seems it was the only ship that got hit in the formation. Lt. Mac was up with him on another ship. The tail gunner got his elbow shot away at the same time. We were all broken up for tomorrow we were going to celebrate our !st anniversary in England.

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