Sun, May 23, 1943

When we awoke this morning we were moving when we came on deck. We passed the Statue of Liberty this morning & I knew then I was in the war for keeps. It was a heart rending feeling knowing your family is being left behind but another feeling came over me that left me in the right frame of mind. No other country was going to take over. Our US boys would see to that. I was lucky in drawing the day shift upstairs on the promenade deck. 1/2 of us have to sleep at a time. There are 6 of us in one room and boy are we crowded. Overhead a blimp is escorting us out of the harbor. There must be at leat least 10,000 soldiers aboard. We eat two meals a day & boy what meals. Hard boiled eggs and Spam & boiled potatoes & coffee. Spent most of the day looking the deck over. Boy what a ship. Most of the other boys I see are AC boys.


Tue, May 23, 1944

No entry.


Brooklyn Navy Yard during WW2

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