Wed, May 26, 1943

Well we have a little fun on this tug anyway. Our unit put on several programs over the loud speakers. One on every deck and you broadcast in the chaplain’s office on B deck. We gave them lots of laughs and all seemed to enjoy it. We got so we put it on twice a day, once for the boys above deck & then for the boys that were sleeping. There was something going on everyday & each shipping no. vied to see who put on the best programs. Our call was 4961A is on the air. It helped pass away the time. It was about this time that we saw the last of our escort plane & we were on our own now. It seemed rather lonely even if there was 15,000 on board with nothing in sight only water. Some of the boys are pretty sick. Bart a friend of mine was down for 4 days & the poor guy had to go to the hospital. I have been pretty lucky. I haven’t been sick a day.


Fri, May 26, 1944

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