Wed, May 5, 1943

Well the day was rather quiet. Done some office work & fixed the new men’s records up. After lunch I washed my clothes & called Mary up. I was tickled to hear that Rosemary got along so well with her operation. It sure makes me feel better to know that everything is all set before I leave. We packed our barracks bags today & so time is getting short. They are having a show on the post tonite so guess I’ll go.


Fri, May 5, 1944

No entry.


Sat, May 5, 1945

The Lt. called me in the office & wants me to go to Consolidated Lab to learn neg cutting. $1.80 extra a day. Think I’ll try it for awhile. Its a little rough out of the Army right now. I’m home everyday anyway so I’ll stick around awhile


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