Thu, May 6, 1943

The show was really a swell one. Crash Dive, a sub picture. I called Mary up this morning & Rosemary  is getting along fine. All morning was spent getting the new men equipped At noon we we were told to pack all our stuff except the clothes we leave her in. The laundry we will wash out this afternoon. We are going to leave tomorrow so may not get to write into this book for quite awhile as we are not supposed to take our diary with us. I will keep mine in the field desk & try and keep it up. We are going to have a beer bust tonite and all of us are going to put on a little play too. It ought to be good. I will call Mary at 9:00 tonite for the last time. That’s my hardest job. Well here goes the diary packed away for a long time. I’ll keep notes to help me.


Sat, May 6, 1944

No entry.


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