Fri, May 7, 1943

Got the diary out of the desk today 6-13-43 so will catch up. Arose at 6:30 ate then finished packing. The rest of the day until we left at 5:00 was spent saying goodbye. We fell in and marched up in front of HQ & sang Auld Ang Syne . Then as we marched out Unit E was in formation & stood at attention & saluted us as we went by. It was just at retreat and Unit E marched to the flag pole and as we boarded our trucks we gave them 3 cheers and they in return gave us three cheers. We then departed for the depot and at 6:00 arrived there and at 6:30 our train moved out to where and when only God holds that in his hand. There were a lot of tears in the boys eyes as we left the post. I looked straight ahead for I couldn’t trust myself. As I am writing this we are just leaving Pasadena, CA.


Sun, May 7, 1944

No entry.


Mon, May 7, 1945

Heard today VE was proclaimed in Europe but will not be officially until 9:00 tomorrow when President Truman tells of it over the radio.


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