Mon, September 16, 1942

Out again at 7:30 and we had a beautiful day to shoot. We had two crews going & took the take off & landings with one crew. They brought us down box lunches from the outfit & they sure were good. 2 planes, Northrup trainers, crashed here today. One pancaked onto the runway & one dived into the bay. Both pilots were killed. We have been receiving news of the naval battle in the Solomon’s & the US really had a day. 23 Jap ships to 8 of ours. It was our greatest sea victory to date. It has lasted 6 days.


Tue, November 16, 1943

Feel a little better today. Got some machine work done & some painting done & scouted the field here so I can tell where to go for stuff. I wrote a few letters tonite. Went to the NAAFI to drink beer & was in bed early.


Thu, November 16, 1944

Left today on my furlough at 4:00.


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