Wed, November 1, 1944

Left Ogden at 9:00, stopped at Walla Walla, WA, Spokane, Portland. Arrived at Sacramento, CA at 7:10 & was taken by ambulance to the DeWitt Gen hospital at Auburn, CA. Checked in there at 9:00.

Thu, November 2, 1944

Was exhausted today & will know tomorrow if I need an operation.

Sun, November 5, 1944

In San Francisco to see Leonard Clark who is with the Winged Victory Show. Saw the show & made the rounds after. Bobbie is down here with me.


Mon, November 6, 1944

Went back to DeWitt today & checked in at 9:30.


Tue, November 7, 1944

Had my examination today & had fluid taken out of my spine. They took several pictures of it with an oil in the spinal column. Have to lie flat for 24 hours. It was sure hell this examination.


Thu, November 9, 1944

Had a tooth taken out today. The dentist says I’ll have to have all of them removed. Oh dear here we go again.


Fri, November 10, 1944

Tried all day to see the doc. Want to get out of here. You go nuts with nothing to do all day & seeing so much suffering going on.


Sat, November 11, 1944

Doc says I might be able to go home soon. They can’t agree weather I need an operation or not.


Mon, November 13, 1944

Put in for my furlough today.

Thu, November 16, 1944

Left today on my furlough at 4:00.


Tue, November 21, 1944

Was on Harry Flannery’s program today on the radio. I was interviewed on the bombing of Germany & France.

Thu, November 23, 1944

Had a swell Thanksgiving dinner at sister’s. Showed the films I brought back with me.


Sat, November 25, 1944

Went over to Hollywood Park today & was very lucky. Hit one for $98.00. Had a lot of fun.

Sun, November 26, 1944

Went over to Jack & Doris Milstead’s & showed my film again. Had several drinks & a swell time.


Mon, November 27, 1944

Was going to fly back but TWA cancelled my ride, no priority. Took the Streamliner back to the hospital at DeWitt. Arrived there at midnite.

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