Tue, November 24, 1942

Left the camp at 7:30 & arrived at March Field at 10:15. Set up for our first shot & then came back to barracks & fixed our clothes. We got one shot before dinner & at 2:30 was back on the field. We had one shot were a B-24 was supposed to look like  it was running into a hangar. They came so close & taxied around between the hangers. The Major at the field here gave the pilots hell. We have one shot left tomorrow.


Wed, November 24, 1943

Was up and on the set at 8:00 this morning. We got all set up and took one shot before dinner. We had this afternoon off and right in the middle of my bath they called me out. We got all set up for a shot & then was to come back at 6:00. We worked until 8:00 tonite. We might have to get up early in the morning as there might be a mission out & we have to photograph it. We got Byron in the outfit tonite. I’m sure glad of that. I’ve been sweating him out now for a week.

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