Thu, November 26, 1942

Left San Berdo at 11:30 after shooting a wreck of a trainer plane. Just had two shots & finished them up in a hurry. We were convoyed thru town & had 2 very narrow escapes. I almost took a car that did not stop at our sirens. We arrived back at post at 1:45. Murphy is going out to sister’s with me for Thanksgiving Dinner. He’s from Maryland & a very long way from home. I sure like him & hope we turn out to be good fiends. Am ready now to S-S-S & leave this hole.


Fri, November 26, 1943

Was awakened at 4:00 this morning, There was a mission to Bremen, Germany. We photographed the briefing & then about 7:30 finished & ate . The rest of the morn was taken over by resting and at 10:30 we set up in the interrogation room. We waited until 2:15 for the planes to come back. It was a hot one but they left lots of damage behind. After the interrogation was over we struck our equip & moved to the mess hall to set up. At 7:30 tonite we’ll get all ready for tomorrow. I saw the Col Stone Ground Officer about Byron. Looks like he perhaps will get on our unit yet.

Sun, November 26, 1944

Went over to Jack & Doris Milstead’s & showed my film again. Had several drinks & a swell time.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    Doris Milstead nee Doris Shartel was the daughter of Lorena (Rena) Pearl O’Neal Shartel Jones from her first marriage to Elmer Albert Shartel. Doris sometimes used the last name Jones, who was Rena’s second husband, Clarence Young Jones. .

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