Sat, November 28, 1942

Went out to Griffith Park with the Co this morning & took a couple of shots. It was really foggy so we came back by noon. Rest od the day bunk fatigue.


Sun, November 28, 1943

Got up at 7:30 & was on the set at 8:30. We took 2 shots before dinner & one after dinner. That finished us up and it was 2:30. We then loaded our trucks ready to leave Tues at 9:00. We all got Mon off. I drove over to Bury St. Edmund’s with Frank Z. to visit, get my mail and clothes. It was great seeing the boys again. Bobbie is in charge off supply now. He gave me a dozen rolls of 120 film. I got a letter from Mary & Silbert & Margaret Robinson & a pkg from the MWA. We talked & act up until after midnite before sleep.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    MWA is Modern Woodmen of America. Ronald was a member.

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