Mon, November 30, 1942

Was supposed to get paid today but no cabbage. I spent all day getting my standby stuff packed for location. It’s all ready now whenever they are. Hope it’s soon.


Tue, November 30, 1943

Well we got back from London at 8:30 after getting up there at 3:45. We packed our barrack’s bags & gear & left Molesworth at 11:30 & arrived here at Grafton Underwood at 12:30. We got settled in our barracks and then in the afternoon unloaded our trucks and got ready to go to work. After supper we got the briefing room all ready to shoot in the morning. We finished at 9:00. I wrote 3 letters & then turned in. I was sure tired. Byron did not get to come with us. There still working on him.


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  1. Ron O'Neal

    Grafton Underwood was the first Station in England to receive an Eighth Air Force flying unit on 12 May 1942. Also the first to launch an USAAF heavy bomber operation to Rouen 17 August 1942.

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