Sat, November 7, 1942

Went home with Bud Sharkey tonite. Stopped at his aunt’s & his cousin’s. Cousin got us ½ pint. We stopped at my sister’s & then stopped by Buff Jones’s house & had several beers Then after taking me home Bud came back at 9:00 with a pint of whiskey.


Sun, November 7, 1943

Left this morning for High Wycombe to see the unit that came over from Culver City. Fred West, my friend, came with them. We had a great time all day talking over old times & I had dinner with them at their mess. After lunch we went into town & spent the eve pub crawling & at 10:00 I had to catch the train back to London, They had to pour me on the train but I had a good time.

Tue, November 7, 1944

Had my examination today & had fluid taken out of my spine. They took several pictures of it with an oil in the spinal column. Have to lie flat for 24 hours. It was sure hell this examination.


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