Sun, October 11, 1942

Really enjoyed getting home again. Stopped off at Mother’s and had a few. Sat nite Mary came after me. Went to the war vet’s breakfast at the studio & heard Charlie Gadonites tell of his experience at Midway Island. Mary had a lovely dinner, chicken & pie. Leonard Clark came over in the afternoon & spent a couple of hours. He’s coming back to spend an eve this week with me. To bed at 10:30.

Mon, October 11, 1943

Got up at 6:30, shaved, & cleaned up and ate breakfast at the RC Club. Caught the 833 back to Braintree & took the post bus back here. The boys had the old trailer pulled out & the new one in place & were cleaning up our supply tent. Things began to look pretty good around here now. It’s been cold & foggy now for two days. The mail is sure the shits now. Got my film back from being processed & it’s not bad photography. It’s the roll I took the 4th of July when Byron & I & Bart & Bobbie all met & had a time. Run the film after supper & it looked pretty good. Was sure all tired out & went to bed early.

Wed, October 11, 1944

They came around today & took my British money to get it exchanged for American currency. It’s rumored we leave in a day or so. Everybody in the ward is all hopped up.


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