Fri, October 16, 1942

Had a swell nite home last nite. Be glad when I can go home every nite. This room by myself gives me the willies. Painted barrels  & camera equipment that’s going overseas. Then made 3 signs. I’ll be a sign painter yet. Stayed in tonite. Tired and there’s an inspection tomorrow.


Sat, October 16, 1943

We hit the sack all day today. Getting up just to eat. We straightened up our trailer after lunch & then back to bed. The Capt & Feldbaum, the clerk, pulled in after we came back from supper.  We are going to be sent to Bury St. Edwards and it is supposed to be a good field. The capt told me McGovern should be commissioned tomorrow & as soon as he is my orders will be cut making me a Tech Sgt. That will help a little. I suppose I’ll not be allowed to fly at the new base. If that is so I’ll sure try & be sent home.  


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