Sat, October 17, 1942

We had our inspection at 9:00 and everything was OK. After inspection I had to make a large stencil 3X4 & then stencil 10 large signs. I finished at 4:00 and after shaving & taking a shower I drove over to Warner’s with Blackie Blackburn. Had several beers & then Mary came after me at 6:30.

Sun, October 17, 1943

The Capt came up this morning early & I had to drive him to Marks hall to get all of our equipment turned in & the Capt to get his affairs settled before we left for another field. We had dinner at the Hall & the WACS were cooking & boy we had a steak & potatoes & gravy & did I eat.  After lunch we came back to Saling & the drivers were waiting to take our lab trailer away. After they had gone the Capt & Slate left for London. Slate is going to bring back another truck. After they had shoved off I went over to Braintree to the Wiseman’s & had tea with them & bid them good bye. I am invited down this weekend & if possible I’m going to get off & take them up. Their daughter Eva, who is in the WRENs, is coming home & they want me to meet her.


Tue, October 17, 1944

Left the 65th Gen Hospital for the states. There were 100 of us being shipped back. We boarded the steamship New Amsterdam, Holland American Line.


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