Sun, October 18, 1942

Went to church at 11:00 mass. Then came home & had my favorite breakfast hot cakes & sausage. About 2:00 went over to see Buff Jones. Spent the afternoon with him & had several drinks. In the evening went up to Gene Autry’s ranch in Newhall. Johnnie Agee, his trainer about 60, brought out one of the horses & worked him. His wife is 19 years old. Looked over the ranch, They had a bad fire in the hills there. Was home at 10:00.

Mon, October 18, 1943

After breakfast this morning I waited and about noon Slate & Barker got in from London with the trucks & we loaded up what was left & shoved off at 2:00. When we got to New Market we run into Lt. Fitzgerald’s outfit & followed them about 2 miles out of New Market. A limey truck stopped suddenly for a gun that swerved out & one of the Lt.’s trucks hit it from behind. The truck Bobbie was driving hit it & we hit Bobbie’s. Lt. Fitzgerald was cut by the windshield & a hole in his leg from the dash. Bobbie’s truck was put out of action & our bumper was bent a little. We did not get into the field until 5:00 then we ate & got our barracks & got our beds made. In the morning we only have to unload 6 trucks. Capt Culver told me I was now a Tech eff. Sunday. Lt. McGovern had been.

Wed, October 18, 1944

Weighed anchor at 1:30 AM. Took a walk around deck. Had my first white bread in 18 months today also bacon & fresh eggs.


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