Mon, October 19, 1942

Well I left home at 6:00 & was here at 6:30. Found out I was on KP. I went over to the kitchen & worked until 10:00 washing pots & pans. I was taken off then for I had 60 signs to paint & letter. 30 for the officers & 30 license plates for cars & trucks. Finished at 4:30 with the first coat & after chow had to work until 9:00 painting litters & cans for a unit that is shipping to Australia. In bed at 10:00. 


Tue, October 19, 1943

Got up early this morning & started in, boy what a mess. But by noon we had some semblance of order & the shelving was started & the cabinets built. By 4:00 we had things all in our building & started in arranging our barracks & cleaning them out. This new field isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. But it isn’t bad. I received my air medal tonite & am going to send it home. Well I’m all pooped out & am going to turn in early.

Thu, October 19, 1944

Ran into a storm during night. Everybody sea sick Our cabin of 12 done all right, no one sick. Had a bananas today, what a treat.

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